Articles prepared by the UN-Water Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC) on the occasion of the Conference. These articles are freely available and quotable.

  • Water on the Road to Rio
    The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) is one of the most important events in the UN agenda. The first conference or “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 catapulted sustainable development into the mainstream. Several conferences later and twenty years on, governments and participants from around the globe will gather again in Rio de Janeiro on 4-6 June 2012 to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit.
  • Water challenges in the transition to a Green Economy [Document PDF – 58 KB]
    20 years after the Earth Summit, Head of States and their delegations all over the world will meet again in June 2012 to evaluate progress, renew the political commitment and deal with emerging challenges. One of the key issues to address is the Green Economy.
  • Water in the green economy. Opportunities and actions [Document PDF – 109 KB]
    The debate about the possible alternatives to progress towards the green economy is discussed in the Zaragoza Conference on Water and the Green Economy in Practice: Towards Rio +20 of October 2011. The transition toward a green economy demands coordinated efforts of all economic sectors with the triple objective of improving economic welfare, reduce poverty and contribute to harmonize the economy with the improvement in the environmental status of water resources. This requires an effort to adapt simultaneously the productive activities, especially industry and agriculture, and at the same time progress in water management in cities and in the integrated management of river basins and aquifer to maintain and improve ecosystem services.

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