Themes of the conference – issues and tools

Transitioning to a green economy requires a shift from current practice. The UN-Water conference has identified four priority water-related issues where this change needs to take place:

  • Agriculture
  • Cities
  • Industry
  • Watersheds/aquifers

The conference focuses on specific ‘tools’ which can help generate the change needed to move towards a green economy:

  • Green jobs
  • Economic instruments and policies
  • Cost recovery and financing of water and sanitation services
  • Investments in the protection and improvement of biodiversity
  • Water technology
  • Water planning

The conference will invite people from around the world who have been involved in projects demonstrating the successful use of these tools to generate positive change. They will show how water supports poverty reduction through investments and appropriate financing models for sanitation, drinking water services, and water resources management; how investing and adopting fiscal policies for protecting the environment ensures the provision of ecosystem services that are necessary for economic development; how to generate change through improvements in technology; what types of labour policies and reforms are necessary and what job opportunities exist within an economic model with more efficient consumption and production.

The outcomes of the conference include a compendium and on-line database of best practices, and a UN-Water publication on success stories of tools to promote water and the green economy. By learning from success stories and sharing experiences, we can speed up the transition to the green economy.

The conference website is now live. Take a look at here 


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